We Are Honored…

To have earned the support of our clients for the past 35 years and we are always pleased about what they have to say about us.

I would almost inquire, “How does the staff at Talbot Travel do it?”  They consistently find the best value and options of connections and lodging for their clients.  Their expertise comes from years of experience in accommodating travelers’ needs  through the network of professional contacts Talbot Travel agents have developed.  The personal touch they offer takes the travail out of travel.  Not only will you become a loyal supporter of those at Talbot Travel, you are likely to become a friend.

Charlyn Canada

If asked why I have Talbot Travel make all my travel arrangements, I would say that over the years, I found them most reliable. I am not fond of details, it’s better for me to let Talbot Travel deal with all of my travel  arrangements.

 Joe Staufer

I have been using Talbot Travel for over 20 years.  I enjoy the personalized service from all the staff.  I do not believe any of the airlines have my interests at heart,  Talbot Travel does.  They have saved me much time and expense.  TIME, in line because my flight was cancelled or delayed – I could call them.  EXPENSE, when my luggage was lost – Talbot Travel has contacts that have been instrumental in allowing me to maximize my benefits, seat assignments and upgrades using my Frequent Flyer points. I shudder at the thought of ever having to deal with the airlines without Talbot Travel! 

Byron Rose